Ever dreaded getting out of bed in the morning because you know that when you get to work you’ll have seemingly endless fires to put out?

…Imagine if you could get ahead instead of just reacting.

Watch how we helped one organization end the cycle of crisis management, consolidate procedures, and strategize their growth plan.

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In this fast-paced world, successful change, fresh ideas, and insights happen when you harness the power of both Insider and Outsider awareness.

Imagine discovering fresh solutions by unearthing your own ideas. After all, who knows your business, team, and industry better than YOU?

Through our flexible approach, our expert business consultants will guide your team from either end of the value chain to make the magic happen. 

With Adapt Consulting as your expert “Outsider,” you gain a fresh perspective and proven tools to help you realize, flesh out, and implement strategies that will set you apart

So, why bring ADAPT in as “Your Outsider?”

We supply a toolbox of techniques that strip away bias and encourage freedom of thought. Your team will achieve new insights, identify new opportunities, and establish a permission zone to “break the rules”, innovate, and grow.

We are “politically incorrect” enough to ask the forbidden questions, brave enough to ask the “dumb” questions, and won’t hesitate to question organizational norms and assumptions, in order to get you ahead of the pack.

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De-Mystify Data

Make sense of the often subtle motives that drive your buyer purchase decision.


Identify functions, Function Cost, and Value Mismatch to find critical opportunities for improvement.


Supercharge idea creation by removing the culture lenses that cause bias and limit creativity.


Analyze, validate, and filter opportunities against pre-defined success criteria to find implementable solutions.


Powerful changes are ready to implement and increase your bottom line. Implementation is the name of the game!

InvisionValue™ is founded on the philosophy that when the process is improved – so is the business

With a foundation of experience and hundreds of successful product, process, and service Value Studies under our belt, we have a strong track record of improving market share and profitability.

We create superior results by:

Bottom line? Our process inspires your team to generate measurable and relevant proposals that match YOUR needs. Through the identification of value mismatches, we address the often-overlooked issues while innovating for your specific needs.

When your needs change, our flexibility begins.

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“Adapt was quick to identify project risks and bring them to the attention of the project team prior to them becoming problems.”

Our organization has made plans and done studies in the past. This is the first time I believe that changes will be implemented.

“Lisa [Adapt Consulting] has been an energetic spark to our project… She is highly detail oriented and prides herself on ensuring proper communication is taking place with all stakeholders. She has successfully monitored construction schedules and work performed, effectively mitigating risks to project’s customer and end user. Her greatest asset has been her proactivity in looking out for the interests of her client while being fair to all stakeholders’ contractual obligations.”

“Lisa identifies gaps, keeps us on track, and the project moving forward… [she] is almost annoyingly good at her job.”

 “I recently work[ed] with Adapt Consulting… Throughout the project Adapt provided the CM services and represented the client… Without their partnering approach [and] problem solving attitude on this project, schedules would not have been met. Their full-time engagement to this project allowed this fast-track project to be completed ahead of schedule. I certainly will continue to work with Adapt in the future and would highly recommend their services…”


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