Adapt is Where Technology Meets Human Understanding


Adapt Consulting is a success-focused business improvement services company. We incorporate project management best practices with leading strategies such as: proactive risk assessment, process improvement, product improvement, and team alignment to increase business success. We help you create the results you need, on your timeline, at a cost that works for you.


At Adapt Consulting, our expert team of management consultants and Improvement Strategists work with companies of all types and sizes to find the solutions that fit their needs.

Our team members have performed business process improvement for companies such as: Clarke Industries, Ford, General Electric, Hobart Manufacturing, Jackson Products, Mine Safety Appliances, Raynor Doors, Whirlpool, and a number of other leading consumer and industrial product organizations.

We blend proven methodologies – such as the SAVE International Value Methodology, along with Agile, Lean and Six Sigma – with our personal experience to find the solutions that are right for you. This blend of services provides clients with turnkey solutions to project, product or even people problems.

Our Tool Belt Includes:

  • Assorted techniques including Agile, Lean, Six Sigma, and the SAVE International Value Methodology
  • Streamlined decision-making through stronger team communication
  • Proactively addressing risk through early, ongoing identification and tracking
  • Issue resolution through Mediation and Team Partnering Facilitation (Project Neutral)

Bottom line? We specialize in generating measurable and relevant alternatives that match YOUR unique needs, and when those needs change, our flexibility begins.


Lisa Lowery – Founder, CEO, AVS, PMP

“The Malcontent” questioning norms since WAY before disruption was fashionable
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Tom Cook – CVS, VE Team Leader

“The Why-Guy”… Exponentially improving. Give him an inch, he’ll advance you a mile.
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