Lisa Lowery – Founder, CEO, PMP, AVS

“The Malcontent” questioning norms since WAY before disruption was fashionable

This proud, blue-collar gal was the first person in her family to graduate high school. Furthermore, Lisa is a degreed professional with both a Master’s Degree in Architecture and a Master’s of Science in Civil Engineering – with an emphasis in Construction Management. She is a credentialed Project Management Professional (PMP) and is also a SAVE International Value Improvement practitioner (AVS). Lisa is uniquely skilled in transcending communication barriers with tradespeople and executives, equally.

Lisa’s wealth of experience as a General Engineering Contractor, Project Manager and Risk Manager allows her to understand multiple perspectives and balance needs effectively. Her value improvement and team leadership prowess range across industries. From design and construction phase projects, business processes, organizational behavior, and into manufacturing and products. Her experience brings new insights and techniques that apply to organizations of all types and sizes. Lisa’s facilitation style emphasizes building relationships between various stakeholders – helping them to focus on the commonalities between the team and project goals. She helps teams develop and refine their skills in communication, creativity, problem-solving and straightforward decision-making.

Lisa has always challenged social norms. She recognized early-on that cultural norms create roadblocks to our ability to work together efficiently and understand what motivates people. Lisa’s primary focus has always been helping people help those around them. To draw people into working more successfully together, she continues to learn both scientific and qualitative aspects of communication barriers and how to overcome them. She applies these tools in practical ways that real people can understand, and most importantly – implement.

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