Acquisitions Department Process Analysis

The goal of this study was to pinpoint root causes for excessively long procurement times and to streamline the acquisitions process in this 700-person organization. Internal customers were dissatisfied with the service and timeliness of their order fulfillment, meanwhile, acquisitions staff experienced a high amount of churn and job dissatisfaction.The underlying causes of the issues were determined to be both cultural and process-based. The processes were dissected and reconstructed using manufacturing productivity concepts to remove the recurring bottlenecks.


Prioritized Deadlines

Divided high dollar acquisitions with complex requirements from procurements that had time sensitive delivery deadlines

Eliminated Silos

Modified structure to integrate some acquisition staff into project management teams, avoiding silos, created cohesion and sped communication

Transformed Culture

Implemented top down and bottom up culture change to improve morale and increase empathy

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